Case Studies

Learn how Scope AR is changing training, manufacturing, and field service maintenance.

Case 1


Scope AR collaborates with one of their large industrial clients to perform a side-by-side comparison of Scope AR’s WorkLink software versus using traditional paper-based methods to create manufacturing instructions. Find out how easy it was for them to create Smart instructions and learn about their 3x improvement in efficiency and quality.


Case 2


The premier technical college CNA-Q and Scope AR conducted a study to analyze the effects of using augmented reality instructions versus traditional paper-based manuals in a classroom training environment.


The study had four pairs of operators with a varying degree of experience perform a maintenance procedure on a water pump. The participants who used traditional paper-based manuals committed four times more errors than the group that used augmented reality instructions. The supervising instructors considered the errors medium to serious risk if it was committed in an industrial environment.


In addition, the study found participants who used the AR instructions collaborated more with their partners and engaged in the task at hand versus asking questions on how to perform the task.


Learn more about how augmented reality brought students together and resulted in four times fewer quality errors.
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Case 3


Third-party independent researchers assess Scope AR’s augmented reality instructions. The instructions were deployed to three North American industrial sites and over 40 Spartan Control and Emerson Valve employees participated in the study.


The independent research study reports the results of the efficacy of this training system, concluding that AR training is well received among trainees. When compared to previous types of training, respondents indicate a preference for the new AR learning experience, describing it as a cutting-edge, time- and cost-effective form of learning that can increase workplace safety, product knowledge, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and company market share.


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