ScopeAR Selected as a Qualcomm Preferred Vendor

September 18, 2014
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ScopeAR Selected as a Qualcomm Preferred Vendor

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Scope AR has been selected as a preferred vendor of Qualcomm’s Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear.

The Qualcomm® Vuforia™ mobile vision platform empowers developers to build augmented reality (AR) applications for a new generation of digital eyewear.  The Vuforia Software Development Kit (SDK) for Digital Eyewear will deliver a major advance in user experience – allowing interactive 3D content to be visually aligned with the underlying world.  This capability will enable new applications in hybrid VR/AR gaming, shopping, and education, as well as across a wide range of enterprise and industrial uses.

The Vuforia platform provides advanced computer vision functionality for recognizing images and objects in the user’s field of view.  The Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear also includes an easy-to-use calibration method that enables Vuforia applications to dynamically adapt to a wearer’s facial geometry, thereby providing an optimal experience.

Scope AR’s Scott Montgomerie is featured with VPs and CEOs of several leading-edge AR technology firms featured in this promotioinal video produced by Qualcomm.

scott montgomerie screen grab from Qualcomm video

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