AWE 2015 Highlights for Scope AR

June 30, 2015
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AWE 2015 Highlights for Scope AR

Almost a month ago we attended AWE 2015 and we still cannot believe our experience. An incredible portfolio of companies came together to share in the excitement of augmented and virtual reality!

Day 1: The Set-up

The humid Santa Clara air engulfed us as we set up at the Santa Clara Convention Centre with fellow exhibitors and attendees, all excited to find our superpowers! We spent the day preparing for our press release and micro-talk in the upcoming days. One focus of ours is maintenance guidance systems that utilize AR in step-by-step processes, which was the topic of a micro-talk our President David Nedohin gave during the conference, watch below:

AWE 2015: Microtalk – Maintenance Guidance System

Day 2: The Launch

This venue was the perfect platform to launch our newest product Remote AR. We were excited to see industry’s reaction and how it would change the practical use of AR within industry! David Nedohin, made the official announcement during AWE’s press conference on June 9th, 2015. Follow the link to watch the official launch of Remote AR.

AWE 2015: Press Release of Remote AR

Day 3: The Aftermath

The response from attendees and industry members was overwhelming. Everyone we spoke with brought new and interesting applications for Remote AR; from in-field assistance in manufacturing, broadcasting, energy, mining, healthcare, and aerospace; the possibilities were endless! Our day was filled with demonstration after demonstration, such as the one below, by David Nedohin and Scott Montgomerie (CEO), showing the many features of Remote AR.

AWE 2015: Remote AR Demonstration

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