Epson Launch Event: Scope AR Preferred Vendor

August 10, 2015
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Epson Launch Event: Scope AR Preferred Vendor

Scope AR's Demonstration of Remote AR at Epson's Launch Event

Last week Epson held a private launch event to celebrate their 40th anniversary and showcase their ECO Tank and innovation divisions. Scope AR is a preferred partner with Epson – specifically with the Moverio smart-glasses division. As a part of our long-standing relationship, we were proud to be the only vendor invited to participate in the launch event.  


Our Remote AR solution was used to highlight Epson’s smart-glasses, robotics, and fabric printer divisions. Attendees of the event wore Epson Moverio BT-200 smart-glasses and requested remote assistance via Remote AR.  An expert using AR annotation tools that ‘locked’ onto a control panel visible through the Epson smart-glasses then guided them. The attendee would then operate the control panel to unlock, calibrate, and engage the Epson robots, which proceeded to operate the fabrics’ printer.   


We received glowing reviews and the attendees got a glimpse of what the future holds. We look forward to the next event and continue to spread the word on our Remote AR solution.

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