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Provide expert guidance at any moment, and on any device.

Tools to Perform at the Highest Level

With Scope AR, your front-line employees, whether line workers, manufacturing engineers, or field service technicians, can:


and create intuitive, step-by-step instructions in an animated layer that’s locked on their equipment from almost any angle with WorkLink.


to an expert in real-time for live guidance that’s supported by an augmented reality toolset with Remote AR.


Scope AR tools from any device, including tablets and glasses, with the download of an app.




Our content creation platform allows the rapid development of augmented reality work instructions, allowing you to use converted 3D models, add engaging animations, text, images, videos, checklists, etc. in a branched workflow, to give intuitive, visual instructions. Once ‘smart’ instructions are deployed into the field, the digital instructions automatically start collecting valuable data such as time per step, user and usage information, geo location, etc to give insight to an organization and empower users to continuously improve their processes.

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Remote AR

Remote AR allows your company to connect remote experts and field technicians in real time to collaborate through a task.  Both users have the ability to manipulate augmented content and add annotations that ‘lock’ onto real world objects in the technician’s field of view. Remote AR also has audio and screenshots allowing your organization to capture its valuable knowledge and propagate it across your organization, no matter the distance or location.

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Custom Production

Scope AR built its reputation on creating excellent custom augmented reality projects for some of the most discerning organizations in the world. The current Scope AR products, Remote AR and WorkLink, are direct descendants of the tools we created to streamline and strengthen our own service work, allowing us to produce very effective instructions, very quickly.

Whether your needs are extensive or straightforward, we can offer a level of proficiency and efficiency which is unmatched in any augmented reality production house in existence.

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Clients & Partners

Barloworld Equipment

We can now regularly communicate and discuss the equipment needs of our customers without requiring them to come to our component center, which in some cases, is hundreds of miles away. With the technology, We can walk them through routine procedures such as inspections or troubleshoot equipment in real-time using a tablet device from the shop floor.  We’re not only able to save time and money, but we’re also able to deliver a better customer experience as a result.

Johan Wilke, Service Manager

Epson America

“Scope Technologies is delivering some of the most innovative Augmented Reality based training and simulation solutions on the market. I’ve seen them impress numerous stakeholders at some of the world’s largest companies. It’s exciting to see them creating practical AR applications, with the potential for a true ROI.”

Eric Mizufuka, Product Manager, New Markets

Spartan Controls

What impresses me most about the Scope AR solution is that it adds a new and innovative element to training and enablement: it complements, and in cases exceeds, the current training standard of slide shows, videos, and instructor led demonstrations to give the user a realtime, 3D , step-by-step hands-on demonstration of the task at hand. Moving forward I see a huge potential for Scope AR to become a standard in the modern-day training environment.

Chris Odynski, Instructor, Education Services

News & Updates

Scope AR Launches WorkLink

At Augmented World Expo 2016, Scope AR announced the launch of WorkLink, the first smart instruction creation tool that enables non-technical staff to produce highly interactive augmented reality…

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Making Headlines in Qatar

In a recent study, users see a 4x improvement in quality and comprehension using Scope AR software …

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Scope AR at Super Ventures

Scope AR presents at the launch party for Super Ventures. See what we had to offer…

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