Remote AR

Enable your experts and field technicians to collaborate
with the power of augmented reality.



Reduce Downtime

Unscheduled downtime is costly to your bottom line and end customers. By providing your field service teams with the ability to connect immediately with remote experts around the world, armed with an annotation toolset that stays locked and augmented on top of real world objects, you can guarantee issues are resolved quicker than ever before and at a quality you can expect from experts.


Save On Costs

Sending experts out into the field to fix problems is costly in terms of time and budget. We have seen many incidents where it takes days to reach the problem area but only minutes to fix the issue. There is a better way. Empower your field service teams with the expert’s knowledge through Remote AR. An expert can now guide remote support teams in real-time to solve issues without having to travel, allowing them to resolve more issues around the world than ever before.


Scale Your Expertise

Remote AR sessions can be stored via screenshots and emailed out for later discussion and reference. If one of your experts or technicians has an innovative way to fix a problem, you can now prorogate and share this across your organization. The screenshot comes in two variations. One with the image of the shared video screen, the other with the augmented annotations that are placed and locked exactly where the users intended.

Device Support

In our complex world, there is an array of hardware devices on the market and options continue to evolve. At Scope AR, we pride our software to be flexible and ensure our solutions work on hardware devices that are deployed in your organization today.


Tablets And Phones

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Tango
  • Windows Coming Soon


  • ODG (Prefered vendor)
  • Epson Moverios (Prefered vendor)
  • Hololens Coming Soon
  • Meta 2 Coming Soon


  • Windows


Remote AR has an off-the-shelf feature set that will allow users to share expertise and maximize collaboration.


Users have the ability to draw, highlight, place arrows, and share text bubbles on top of real world objects in a shared video. These annotation tools give users the flexibility to communicate and collaborate in any context.

Low Bandwidth Mode

In areas that lack sufficient cellular or wifi coverage, you can now turn on Low Bandwidth Mode. In this mode, technicians send snapshot images instead of live video. This reduces the amount of bandwidth needed while still allowing both expert and technician to annotate on top of the shared real world view. This mode ensures you can use Remote AR even in the worst of environments.


Using the latest depth camera hardware technology, Scope AR has developed software to achieve marker-less tracking with Remote AR using the Google Tango. Users can now take advantage of remote collaboration and place annotations and 3D content onto the real world without a need for a marker. Scope AR’s software utilizes the most cutting edge technology to ensure your organization has the best available technology in its toolbelt.

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