Remote AR

Enable your experts and field technicians to collaborate
with the power of augmented reality.



Easily provide live guidance or collaboration from almost any device or computer, enabling field service organizations to:

  • Centralize expertise
  • Leverage expert staff longer
  • Digitally track completed work



Instantly connect with an expert from virtually any mobile device, when and where they need support, empowering them to:

  • Perform best practices
  • Rapidly improve skills
  • Do more with less training



DECREASE time to resolution
MINIMIZE downtime
REDUCE truck rolls


INCREASE service revenues
MAXIMIZE customer satisfaction
CUT travel costs


SCALE your expertise

Device Support

In our complex world, there is an array of hardware devices on the market and options continue to evolve. At Scope AR, we pride our software to be flexible and ensure our solutions work on hardware devices that are deployed in your organization today.


Tablets And Phones

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Google Tango
  • Windows Surface


  • ODG R7 (Preferred vendor)
  • Additional wearable support coming Q2 2017!


  • Windows


Remote AR has an off-the-shelf feature set that will allow users to share expertise and maximize collaboration.


Users have the ability to draw, highlight, place arrows, and share text bubbles on top of real world objects in a shared video. These annotation tools give users the flexibility to communicate and collaborate in any context.

Low Bandwidth Mode

In areas that lack sufficient cellular or wifi coverage, you can now turn on Low Bandwidth Mode. In this mode, technicians send snapshot images instead of live video. This reduces the amount of bandwidth needed while still allowing both expert and technician to annotate on top of the shared real world view. This mode ensures you can use Remote AR even in the worst of environments.

Depth Technology

Using the latest depth camera hardware technology, Scope AR has achieved tracking with Remote AR using the Google Tango. Users can now take advantage of remote collaboration and place annotations and 3D content onto the real world without the need for a marker. Scope AR’s software utilizes the most cutting edge technology to ensure your organization has the best available technology in its toolbelt.

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