WorkLink tools for Developers

Advanced AR analytics, developer tools and integration are here: Scope AR’s WorkLink API is now public.

The WorkLink API is used to integrate WorkLink and your IT systems together for improved collaboration and analytics by exchanging data real-time. It is the first component towards a complete development platform and greatly extends the power of WorkLink.

The WorkLink API enables Scope AR customers and partners to access a rich and flexible API endpoint to connect their IT systems of record and analytics toolsets. The developer platform will also include advanced deeplinks, a dedicated developer site, and complete documentation.

“The WorkLink API empowers our customers and partners to easily develop deep integrations of augmented reality into their systems. This allows them to scale their business robustly, despite global travel restrictions, high product complexity and attrition of experts in their workforces. And, customers will benefit from more secure integrations and powerful analytics on their operations.”
Scott Montgomerie

CEO, Scope AR

Due to this real-time nature and centralized data from multiple systems, users of the API can quickly make operational and administrative decisions with the latest data, reducing delay and guess work. Your system will likely interact with the WorkLink AR API every day; they are also used by your AR-enabled devices.

Scope AR customers with WorkLink Enterprise edition licenses will also have access to a dedicated development platform, which will allow developers to test and streamline the integration of AR into their IT systems of record.