Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

With the 4th Industrial revolution came automation, connected devices, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and these significantly elevated standards for quality, production volume and controls. Humans, however, are essentially the same—and these new technology advances also elevate the knowledge required to operate and maintain advanced industrial facilities. This has created a vast knowledge gap, and it is this gap that limits the technology from the 4th industrial revolution from its full potential.

Augmented Reality for the Industrialist is Here.

Scope AR vastly accelerates the human-to-knowledge process and closes the machinery complexity gap. It delivers instant industrial expertise, through the highest bandwidth channel available to humans: the eyes and ears. With WorkLink running in your facility, your team can work in real time on complex machinery—without decades of experience, exhaustive training, and travel expenses. More importantly, they can adopt and maintain new manufacturing technology, processes. There are thousands of technology offerings available to upgrade facilities and operations, but few offer a ROI to total productivity as WorkLink’s solutions because of its vast diversity of use cases.

Component Inspections

Large industrial equipment distributors must make trips to the service center for routine component inspection of equipment. These visits consume hours of travel and idle time to and from the service center, which increases downtime of the equipment and total cost of ownership.

With Scope AR, these equipment distributors can conduct the component inspection without leaving their office, saving time and money, and enhancing component failure discussions and analysis.

Expert Diagnosis & Guidance

When a complex machine fails, its broken parts are shipped into a repair center or an equipment supplier. This occurs because on-site technicians cannot perform expert diagnostics and testing.

Using Scope AR however, on-site technicians can call an expert at any hour and receive precise guidance to resolve the problem (even if it is after hours.) This saves travel costs, and labor time of the expert, and significantly decreases downtime for the machinery.

Industrial Maintenance

Field service technicians for industrial manufacturers are often inexperienced and costly to train to the level of an expert.

Using Scope AR, the company can onboard and train technicians faster by having them follow smart instructions for regularly scheduled maintenance procedures. They also have instant, augmented access to an expert when they encounter complex problems. Across a team of FSE’s, a maintenance organization can vastly decrease mean time to resolution and minimize repeat service visits.

AR helps manufacturers share and retain organizational knowledge

The WorkLink Platform transcends technology and takes communication back the days of ‘learning by doing’—when the master craftsman stood side-by-side an apprentice and showed them what to do. AR maps work instructions and expert collaboration directly on to an object—so there are clear communications and no misunderstanding. And session data provides actionable insights.


Access instructions and live support on the floor, in the field or anywhere else you need it—fast and accurate.


Provide expert guidance where and when it’s needed. From wherever you need to be.

Content Creator

Using WorkLink Create, author work instructions with no prior knowledge, no coding and no scripting.

The Ultimate Guide To Enterprise Augmented Reality Solutions

A guide to helping you identify the right AR solution that fits the needs and priorities of your organization.


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