ar object tracking

AR Object Tracking: WorkLink

Quickly snap 3D content onto real objects and continuously orient them correctly

Object Tracking on WorkLink platform enables the automatic, continuous alignment of digital content to real-life objects. Users can localize desired objects into the camera image by means of computer vision techniques, whether using a wearable or handheld WorkLink-enabled device. 3D (CAD) data of these real physical objects (also called tracking targets) is used as reference information to enable and “tell” the computer vision system about the objects it should find.

Because 3D data is used, there is no need to train or teach the computer vision system beforehand about the objects it should find. Users simply load the work instruction and loosely orient the camera towards the object and the tracker will automatically “snap” and hold to the device.  For more information, read the Press Release here.

Achieving reliable hologram-to-physical product alignment is an important hurdle for augmented reality on the production floor. Scope AR listened to our needs and delivered exceptional object tracking capabilities in WorkLink, and we feel confident it will help our technicians reach next-level training and job performance.

Michael Hinckley

Northrop Grumman


  • “Snap” AR content onto physical devices and preserve correct alignment
  • Reduce time spent on manual “nudge” and alignment corrections
  • Skip markers or feature detection workflows
  • Faster to place and track AR content