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Industrial AR Projects

Faster. Better. Less Expensive.

Scope AR Professional Services provides a complete range of services from basic support services such as 3D modelling and CAD conversion and optimization through to large-scale, high impact ecosystem implementations.


“I need to show senior management what our content will look like in AR in order to get funding for a proof of concept”


“I have a specific small scale application that I am ready to apply AR work instructions to in order to measure R.O.I.”


“I have a more complex and/or sophisticated application (or significant content challenges) that I am ready to execute in AR.”


“I am ready to pursue a larger scale execution and/or integrate AR technology deeper into my infrastructure”

Basic list of services, but feel free to call and challenge us.

CAD CONVERSION & OPTIMIZATION Let the experts handle your file challenges quickly and efficiently

3D MODELLING & ADAPTATION Lacking functional assets? We can build or improve them

IMAGE & VIDEO PREPARATION Conversion, editing or from scratch, our team can help

CUSTOM WORKLINK Custom WorkLink support for specific project needs

PROJECT CONSULTING Enhance your team’s efforts with project-specific support

ADVANCED TRAINING Accelerate or extend your team’s AR education

PROJECT BASED SERVICES AR WORK INSTRUCTIONS 3D animated hands free instruction on any device

PROOF OF CONCEPT/DEMO Showcase the power of AR using your own content

ONSITE CONSULT/SUPPORT Bring experts directly to your project for maximum impact

ERP INTEGRATION Inter-connect AR with your existing information systems

IoT INTEGRATION Bring live process data and safety indicators to your site

MULTI-USER SCENARIOS Collaborative augmentation for shared work & remote support

We set out to make authoring 3D AR content as fast and as easy as PowerPoint.