AR Remote Assistance & Work Instructions: Know how, know now.

Instant access to company experts and up-to-date instructions in one app.

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AR Remote Assistance and Work Instruction Builds Expertise

The WorkLink Platform transcends technology and takes communication back to the days of ‘learning by doing’—when the master craftsman stood side-by-side an apprentice. AR maps work instructions and expert collaboration directly on to an object—so there are clear communications and no misunderstandings. And session data provides actionable insights.


Access instructions and live support on the floor, in the field or anywhere else needed.


Provide expert guidance where and when it’s needed and from wherever you are.

Content Creation

Using WorkLink, author work instructions with no prior knowledge, no coding and no scripting.

A smarter front line builds a stronger bottom line

Expertise is critical in the field, where productivity directly impacts profitability. With WorkLink your line workers, manufacturing engineers, and field service technicians can:

VIEW intuitive, step-by-step instructions in an animated layer that’s locked on their equipment from any angle.

CONNECT to an expert in real-time for live guidance, supported by an augmented reality tool set.

ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, Access WorkLink from almost any device; smart phones, tablets and AR glasses.

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Augmented reality for error-free work instructions

WorkLink allows for the quick dissemination of information and skills across your organization, ensuring that your experts’ knowledge is captured and codified. The entire organization has the most up-to date information and instruction the moment it’s available.

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  • Capture institutional expertise: Easily incorporate process improvements into WorkLink.
  • Built-in data capture: When work instructions are deployed, they automatically collect data such as time per step, user data and GPS location.
  • Build with ease: Using WorkLink, build detailed, step-by-step work instructions—no development experience, scripting, or coding needed.
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Downtime and errors cost companies trillions of dollars each year. 23% of downtime is caused by human error at $22,000 per minute.

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

WorkLink enables remote workers to collaborate with experts using the power of augmented reality. Experts can view exactly what a remote worker is seeing and share their knowledge as if they were standing on site. Either can place annotations and 3D content that stays locked on an object, giving rich context and eliminating confusion.

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  • Annotation Tools: Draw, highlight, place arrows, and share text bubbles on top of real world objects in a shared video.
  • Low Bandwidth Mode: In areas of poor coverage, technicians can send snapshot images instead of live video.
  • Contact List: The Contact List appears when you launch the app and allows you to connect to an expert with one touch.
  • Precision View Tool: Temporarily freeze a high quality still image. Use this mode for easier annotation using the zoom and pan feature. Store multiple views in a call and switch between them and live video for even more flexibility.

We set out to make authoring 3D AR content as fast and as easy as PowerPoint.