Take the work out of work instructions.

AR work instruction authoring for everybody.

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Work instruction authoring for the workplace

WorkLink allows anyone to author clear, easy-to-follow AR instructions. Incorporate complete procedures, best practices and tribal knowledge, and experience the results of showing people what needs to happen—instead of asking them to decipher complex written work instructions and technical drawings. WorkLink can track and record progress and validate results with no extra effort from your frontline workers.

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WorkLink for Microsoft Hololens.

Take advantage of HoloLens markerless, hands-free holographic instructions.

Intuitive AR authoring software – clicks, not code.

Our platform allows users with no prior coding knowledge to create rich, engaging, augmented reality instructions. By enabling in-house creation of AR instruction manuals, WorkLink accelerates the production process, lowers production costs, and improves security.

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  • Authoring tool for rapid content creation: Create AR work instruction using existing materials without needing extensive training or previous experience. Add layers of text description, photographic or video reference imagery, and simple intuitive effects for easy comprehension and retention.
  • Publish to an App: WorkLink provides a secure enterprise app to deliver smart work instructions on almost any device. Gather feedback through in-app annotation tools, share knowledge with 3D models, animations, text, and images. Deploy updates to multiple devices globally, ensuring outdated procedures never exist in the field.
Authoring Software

Augmented reality work instructions that drive improvement.

Once your AR work instructions are deployed into the field, the digital instructions automatically start collecting valuable data. These insights allow leaders and employees to continuously improve their processes: Which step took the longest and is a potential bottleneck? Where do users struggle? How does one session compare to other sessions? Where are the opportunities for improvement?

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Built-in data collection

Work instructions automatically collect data such as:

  • Time per step and session
  • User data
  • GPS location

Authors can add in quality, safety, and accountability through:

  • Checklists
  • User data inputs, screenshots, and photos
  • Safety checkpoints and sign-offs

We set out to make authoring 3D AR content as fast and as easy as PowerPoint.