WorkLink: Augmented Reality With IOT


WorkLink IoT is a platform service for WorkLink users that enables real-time data connectivity within industrial environments for augmented reality experiences. Real-time data from smart tools and a wide array of edge devices within the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) can be easily aggregated into augmented reality work instructions.

WorkLink IoT is key pillar of Scope AR’s digital thread offering, with the goal of providing real-time data to technicians and systems of record throughout the physical product lifecycle. This can revolutionize the quality control and compliance landscape for WorkLink users, offering unprecedented traceability, insights, and human error avoidance.


Real-time data + Humans = Better Humans


  • Wide array of Industry 4.0 use cases
  • Unprecedented traceability, compliance, and intelligence insights
  • Reduced human error and training requirements


  • Purpose-built, AR-native IoT integration
  • No-code implementation from within WorkLink Create
  • Broad IIoT integration capability

For more information on how WorkLink IoT works with WorkLink offerings, please schedule a call with us.

We are pleased to partner with Scope AR to provide access to all industrial data at the edge from any type of machine or tool. Our technology allows WorkLink IoT to connect to any device in minutes, normalize the data for easy consumption, and integrate the data with the AR platform. Now customers can focus on getting value out of their data and the AR solution rather than spending time solving operational complexity since we’ve done that work.”

John Younes

Co-founder and COO, Litmus Automation