Augmented Reality’s Role in Designing and Constructing Commercial Buildings – TechTrends’ Construction Executive

  This week in TechTrends’ Construction Executive, Scope AR President David Nedohin explains how AR will impact the design and construction of commercial buildings.   Some highlights: “The construction industry has quickly become one of the breakout success stories for applications in augmented reality (AR). The construction space is ripe with opportunity to take advantage and ... Read More

TechCrunch: SCOPE AR Brings its Enterprise AR Authoring Platform to HoloLens

Lucas Matney from TechCrunch released an article this month on Scope AR’s WorkLink platform for Hololens, here are some highlights: It’s important to remember that the augmented reality headset’s ambitions lie in building a new standard for spatial computing with enterprise customers. Today, Alberta-based Scope AR announced that it will be launching a version of its WorkLink augmented ... Read More

VR Setup: SCOPE AR’s WorkLink Platform Brings Smart Instructions to HoloLens

Earlier this month, VR setup released an article on Scope AR’s WorkLink support for Microsoft Hololens. Here are some key points in the article: With the combination of WorkLink and HoloLens businesses can now create interactive, holographic training content for staff. As HoloLens is hands-free users can for example repair a piece of equipment, or ... Read More

SCOPE AR Launches First Mixed Reality Smart Instruction Creation Platform support for Microsoft HoloLens

May 11 at Microsoft Build 2017, Scope AR, the creator of mixed reality (MR) smart instructions and live support video calling solutions, announced that its MR content authoring platform, WorkLink, now supports Microsoft HoloLens. Using the smart instruction creation platform available on HoloLens, users can now quickly and easily produce highly interactive MR instruction and training ... Read More
Scope AR and CAT bring LiveshARe to ConExpo

Scope AR and CAT bring LiveshARe to ConExpo[USERID]   Scope AR and CAT brought LiveshARe to ConExpo. Check out the details here!