AR for Training, Learning & Development

Knowledge is power — especially for the workforce. With the complexity and pace of modern innovation, competitive differentiation is increasingly built in how well your employees are trained. And with WorkLink as your augmented reality training platform, your employees will learn like never before.

Why AR for training?

Training in augmented reality provides effective learning and retention by removing cognitive barriers, creating strong connections to content, and narrowing focus on the subject matter.  Our brains are undoubtedly designed to understand the space immediately around us and what is happening in it. This is how humans have learned-on-the-job (in “full 3D”) for thousands of year.

Conventional digital/remote learning methods forces an additional burden on the trainee to re-encode and decode 2D training content into the mental space around themselves.

Train remotely as well (or better) as in-person

Augmented reality training removes this burden, by simply delivering the information directly into 3D space around the trainee. This is why students consistently echo feedback that “it’s like I was there.” This is particularly valuable in applications when the subject of training content is difficult/impossible to move. Augmented reality makes it possible to train on a jet aircraft engine in your living room, without any measurable degradation of training quality.

With Scope AR, the time to train and certify your staff, customers, and technicians on new technologies can be dramatically reduced – by as much as 90% or more.

Unparalleled engagement, knowledge retention and competency improvement

AR projects eye-catching information into the real world, and  optimize around the trainee’s gaze and gestures, making it almost impossible to tune out. Because of this supercharged engagement, learning deepens and without the usual impediments of distractions and context switching. These result in profound impact on competency, comprehension and retention.

This isn’t just theory, the results are reflected in the real world. WorkLink customers report increased test scores across the board when compared to their legacy baselines. These higher scores then translate into better quality products, services, and employee satisfaction.

Train and on-board hires faster

Technology waits for no one. As new tech rapidly emerges, new and existing hires cannot afford to spend 6-12 months in legacy training programs. Instead, trainees must reach functional competency within constantly shifting environments.

Augmented reality accelerates training by making it much easier and faster remember facts and understand basic concepts. This then shifts the mental load away from areas of the brain devoted to memory retention and toward the area of the brain responsible for critical thinking. The training program can now engage and challenge the trainee in analysis and evaluation, and offer immediate confirmation of absorption.

Beckman Coulter leverages enterprise AR to improve FSE training with WorkLink.

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AR helps manufacturers train and retain organizational knowledge

The WorkLink Platform transcends technology and takes training back the days of ‘learning by doing’—when the master craftsman stood side-by-side an apprentice and showed them what to do. AR maps work instructions and expert collaboration directly on to an object—so there are clear communications and no misunderstanding. And session data provides actionable insights.


Access instructions and live support on the floor, in the field or anywhere else you need it—fast and accurate.


Provide expert guidance where and when it’s needed. From wherever you need to be.

Content Creator

Using WorkLink Create, author work instructions with no prior knowledge, no coding and no scripting.

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Built-in Security and Privacy

Scope AR was built from the ground up for critical enterprise and institutional use cases, and we maintain the highest standards of data security and privacy. We work closely with our customers to ensure HIPPA and GDPR compliance in their specific applications, and we actively address and prevent incidental exposure of patient data. Further, Scope AR offers a host of enterprise-grade compliance tools for administrators to manage policy enforcement, security criteria, user access controls, logging and analytics.

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