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AR for Life Sciences

The race for enhanced, personalized healthcare is real, and delivering the best service to patients and providers is a fiercely competitive industry. While patient outcome is the ultimate goal, technologies and service providers must also comply with high standards for patient data privacy, data traceability, and device sanitation.

The Future of Augmented Reality for Medical Device Sales, Training and Support is Here.

While the media focuses on advanced drugs and new devices alone – medical practitioners and service providers often struggle with demonstrating, training and maintaining quality – and this is where Scope AR can provide revolutionary improvements to medical device manufacturers and their customers.

Device Sales

Medical professionals are constantly saving or improving lives, and the time they have to listen to medical device sales representatives is limited. This is made even more challenging as the devices themselves become more and more complex.

Scope AR makes demonstrating and explaining complex medical devices and procedures extremely fast and efficient. Medical professionals are able to “see” the device or watch the procedure in an extremely intuitive manner – shortening the sales lifecycle and improving understanding of complex value. This often leads to increased sales, higher consumption, and higher utilization (and thus billing) of instruments in the field.

Field Maintenance & Customer Support

Advanced medical equipment offers great potential for patient care and clinical throughput optimization. The challenge, as mentioned above, is how to operate that equipment and the staff that use it to a consistent high level where the benefits of the technology are not diminished by downtime, maintenance, and complexity.

Scope AR was built to address this very use case — to minimize downtime, accelerate repair, and enable non-expert staff to perform basic diagnostics. Our surveys indicate that 73% of on-site expert service calls were for issues that could have been addressed by a non-expert staff with visual guidance. This can have an immense impact on the customer’s ROI from advanced medical devices and dramatically increase the customer support quality.

Advanced Training

As new technology rapidly emerges for the life science industry, the training required to operate and realize the full benefit is extremely important, and often time very consuming. The current paradigm is extensive on-site training, supported with videos, however these are costly to create, easily outdated, and offer little confirmation of information absorption.

With Scope AR, the time to train and certify your staff, customers, and technicians on new technologies can be dramatically reduced – by as much as 90% or more. This is done either with the medical device presented virtually (allowing you to train-from-anywhere), or by superimposing training steps on top of the real device. With Scope AR, the trainee is visually engaged in real time, and offers trainers deepened insight into the success rate of the training exercise.

AR helps manufacturers share and retain organizational knowledge

The WorkLink Platform transcends technology and takes communication back the days of ‘learning by doing’—when the master craftsman stood side-by-side an apprentice and showed them what to do. AR maps work instructions and expert collaboration directly on to an object—so there are clear communications and no misunderstanding. And session data provides actionable insights.