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Machinery, Augmented | Deep-dive Webinar

MARCH 30, 2023 9:00-9:55am PDT

Gain valuable insights into how augmented reality can be utilized to provide support, service, and troubleshoot industrial machinery. Our co-founder, David Nedohin, Chief Customer Officer, is hosting a webinar that covers the customer journey to identifying and resolving key use cases. Furthermore, Stephen Laslo, Digital Technology and Training Supervisor from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, will discuss their WorkLink solution used for step-by-step maintenance and repair processes for the EVOL equipment line. This ultimately improved technician efficiency, minimized downtime, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Attendees of this webinar will understand:

– How augmented reality is modernizing the equipment service industry.

– The deployment of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ augmented reality solution for the EVOL equipment line and the resulting benefits.

– The ways in which augmented reality work instructions are provided as an add-on package for machinery sales, enhancing customer experience and quality.

Additionally, attendees will gain insight into the challenges and opportunities Mitsubishi Heavy Industries encountered while implementing the augmented reality solution and how they ultimately overcame these to achieve success.

This webinar is ideal for anyone wishing to explore how augmented reality can enhance equipment service operations and customer satisfaction. Don’t miss the chance to learn from Stephen Laslo and see how Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is pioneering the industrial technology landscape.