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Lockheed Martin’s space division has partnered with Scope AR to support the manufacturing of spacecraft, including NASA’s Orion.

On September 14, Alice Bonasio, Tech Trends’ Editor in Chief posted an article to TechTrends exploring Lockheed Martin’s expanding use of Scope AR’s WorkLink, particularly the work done on their Orion project using Scope AR’s WorkLink. Some highlights from the article:

“In a complex field where errors simply cannot be made, Scope AR’s WorkLink Augmented Reality platform has tremendously helped our space division build high quality spacecraft by reducing the time it takes to interpret work instructions by more than 95 percent, as well as reducing training time and errors significantly,” says Shelley Peterson, emerging technologies lead, Lockheed Martin. “The ability to easily use the product across platforms means that anyone on our team, including our interns, can take advantage of AR to build and use manufacturing instructions quickly and accurately.”

Over the course of their AR deployment, the team achieved an astonishing 95% reduction in the time it takes technicians to interpret drawings and text instructions and 85% reduction in overall time for training.

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