Kevin Carbotte from Tom’s Hardware released an article this week on how Remote AR now supports ARCore. Here are some highlights:

Scope AR continues to improve the Remote AR augmented reality technical assistance platform. The company today announced that it adopted Google ARCore 1.0 to extend the capabilities of Remote AR to a much wider range of devices, which means enterprise customers can now use Scope AR’s advanced tech support tools without deploying specialized hardware.

Scope AR’s Remote AR application is a handy tool for live, on-site technical assistance. With a connected device such as a tablet, smartphone, smartglasses, or AR headset, service technicians can start a live video chat with an off-site expert who can then guide them through unfamiliar procedures or troubleshoot problems. Remote experts can also draw and add 3D content in real-time to give technicians more context to make educated repairs.

Remote AR is now almost completely platform agnostic. The software runs on Android and iOS devices, still supports Tango devices, and runs on Windows Surface devices. Scope AR also introduced support for Microsoft HoloLens and ODG’s R7 Smartglasses. Montgomerie said he is also keeping a close eye on Magic Leap, but he doesn’t expect enterprise customers to adopt the Magic Leap One headset.

The ARCore-enabled version of Remote AR is available today, and all existing license holders should have access automatically.

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