San Francisco, April 18, 2024 – 

Scope AR, the leader in end-to-end enterprise augmented reality solutions, and eQ Technologic, the leader in delivering low/no-code data integration and analytics solutions with their eQube®-DaaS Platform, are excited to announce a new strategic partnership that will accelerate industrial manufacturing shop floor productivity through end to end data integration across the digital thread. 

Industrial enterprises across the globe have been heavily investing in digital transformation initiatives to accelerate business growth. The adoption of Augmented Reality presents exciting opportunities to boost productivity, especially on the manufacturing shop floor. But in order to implement and leverage AR, organizations must tackle the two key challenges: having the right technology with a robust infrastructure and enabling deeper data integrations with enterprise and operational systems. That’s exactly where Scope AR & eQ Technologic step in to deliver next generation AR powered solutions.  

Augmented Reality experiences delivered by Scope AR empower technicians and engineers on manufacturing shop floors with visual training, work instructions, and remote assistance via AR headsets and mobiles. Scope AR’s WorkLink is an end-to-end enterprise platform for authoring, distributing and viewing advanced Augmented Reality experiences. It superimposes 3D files onto real-world objects and work surfaces, supporting critical use cases such as assembly, inspection, maintenance, repair, and more. With eQ’s eQube®-DaaS platform, WorkLink can seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems, including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Internet of Things (IoT), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

Low/No-Code data integrations and analytics solutions powered by eQ Technologic’s eQube®-DaaS Platform have accelerated digital transformation across industries over the last 2 decades. eQube® establishes a Data Fabric with a connected network of integrated data, applications and devices that puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users, leading to Actionable Insight. eQ’s 90+ OOTB Connectors help in connecting disparate heterogeneous systems in an instant! It empowers you to work with any data, any format, any API, any speed, with any system, any application, and any device. All this without writing any code, enabling secure, scalable, and robust information collaboration across networks, partners, suppliers, and customers that are geographically dispersed while honoring security rules.

“AR is of interest to eQ because it is of interest to our customers as they navigate their digital transformation journeys”, says Dinesh Khaladkar, President & CEO of eQ Technologic. “In manufacturing and asset heavy organizations, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capability is critical. By partnering with Scope AR, our customers can empower technicians with the right information at the right time, thereby boosting efficiency, productivity, and throughput.”

“As AR is increasingly being used as a manufacturing productivity tool we needed to offer customers additional ways to integrate pre-existing data workflows into a seamless experience,” says Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR. “eQ has a phenomenal track record in the industry for this kind of end-to-end integration; by partnering with them we wouldn’t miss a beat supporting our enterprise customers.”

Other productivity outcomes resulting from the partnership include error detection and reduction during critical manufacturing and inspection processes, and capability to “document while doing” for full traceability and audit support.

“eQube®-DaaS Platform’s job is to connect with multiple systems to provide seamless integrations and enterprise wide visibility. Connecting PLM systems to Scope AR is one part of the equation. By bringing Scope AR on our Digital Backbone, we are able to seamlessly connect the dots between Scope AR and various other systems.” says Sanjeev Tamboli, Sr VP of Products and CTO for eQ Technologic. 

“WorkLink supercharges productivity through augmented reality-enabled work instructions, remote assistance, and training. As procedures are executed, data is captured and eQ can deliver that data to other systems to realize the full ROI story around the digital thread.” says Aaron DeYonker, VP of Product for Scope AR.

eQ and Scope AR currently share customers in Aerospace & Defense, DoD, and Machinery sectors, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Rolls Royce. Both WorkLink and eQube integrate with the Siemens Xcelerator suite of software for Industry and can support cloud or on-premises deployments. The partners will showcase at Siemens’s Realize LIVE 2024 Americas event in Las Vegas May 13-16.

About Scope AR

Scope AR makes mastery accessible to anyone, at enterprise scale, simplifying even the most complex industrial tasks through WorkLink, the leading augmented reality platform. The pioneer of enterprise-class augmented reality, Scope delivers the industry’s only end-to-end solution to empower frontline workers with the knowledge they need, when they need it. The company revolutionized the way enterprises work & collaborate by offering a visual knowledge base solution to provide effective & efficient knowledge-sharing to conduct complex remote tasks, employee training, product & equipment assembly, maintenance & repair, field & customer support, & more. Scope AR’s device-agnostic platform supports smartphones, tablets & wearables, including the HoloLens and Apple Vision Pro, making it easy for organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Danaher and more to easily scale use of AR to any remote technician. For more information visit

About eQ Technologic

eQ Technologic, Inc. (‘eQ’) is a trusted provider of comprehensive software solutions for data integration & analytics problems with their eQube® Data as a Service (DaaS) Platform. The Low/No-Code eQube®-DaaS Platform establishes a Data Fabric with a connected network of integrated data, applications, and devices that puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users, leading to Actionable Insight. eQ’s 90+ OOTB Connectors help in connecting disparate heterogeneous systems in an instant! eQ’s sector agnostic solutions have been adopted across industries like Aerospace & Defense, US DoD, Automotive & Machinery, Energy, High-Tech, Electronics, CPG) and more. Some of eQ’s key customers include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, US Navy (NAVSEA & NAVAIR), Rolls-Royce, Alcon, Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Adient, ULA, Moog, Micron, BAE Systems, Boeing, L-3 Harris, General Electric, EDF, and General Dynamics to name a few. For more information visit, YouTube and LinkedIn.