Scope AR announced today that ARKit (Apple’s much anticipated AR development platform) will be supported by Remote AR. ARKit will be available as soon as iOS 11 launches, delivering the most advanced AR functionality yet to devices without AR-specific hardware.

With support for ARKit, Remote AR users can now take advantage of the platform’s sophisticated real-world mapping to collaboratively add annotation and 3D content to a much larger area than has previously been possible on standard devices. This results in a simple, seamless work session for both sides of the call. The capability is available on newer iOS devices, including the iPhone 6s and above, as well as iPads equipped with A9 or A10 processors. You can see a video with more details on how Remote AR can be leveraged with Apple ARKit here.

Remote AR delivers the ability to save time and money, as well as improve knowledge transfer and retention by combining AR with live video streaming, voice, 3D animation, screen sharing, whiteboarding and world-locked annotations. Doing so simulates the effectiveness of having an expert on-site guiding a worker step by step on what to do. Whether a technician needs live support for troubleshooting a problem or conducting maintenance or assembly procedures, Remote AR empowers them to get the knowledge they need, when they need it. Remote AR is fully platform agnostic for use on Android, iOS, Windows and Tango devices simultaneously, as well as select smartglasses, allowing organizations to easily experience the benefits of AR by using their device of choice. All current Remote AR users will have access to the new ARKit support once iOS 11 is available.

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