SAN JOSE, November 9, 2021 — As the first enterprise AR software provider, Scope AR announced today the addition of Object Tracking to its WorkLink platform, enabling the automatic, continuous alignment of digital content to real-life objects.

The enterprise places many strains on augmented reality (AR) technology, as tiny errors can quickly propagate to have large impacts. WorkLink, Scope AR’s end-to-end enterprise platform, was built specifically for highly critical use cases and challenging environments where the end users simply don’t have the luxury of time to “nudge” the digital twin back into place.

Object tracking has considerable advantages on enterprise AR use cases. Because 3D CAD data from product designers is used, there is no need to “train” or “teach” the computer vision system beforehand about the objects it should find.

“Perfect alignment of the digital twin to the real-life version is incredibly important for our customers and their Digital Thread initiatives” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR, “it’s also extremely technically challenging to get right. We’ve achieved a major milestone with the introduction of Object Tracking on WorkLink because AR is now enterprise-ready in a whole new category of use cases.”

Historically, tracking has been achieved by monitoring surrounding ground planes or specialized tracking image targets. Object tracking, by contrast, interprets key features of the object the user is looking at and continuously aligns the digital representation in augmented reality. 

“Object Tracking on WorkLink delivers next-level precision for the operation and maintenance phase of our customer’s product lifecycles.” said David Nedohin, Chief Customer Officer of Scope AR. “It provides substantial firepower to Digital Thread use cases, bringing the physical and virtual closer together in the critical moments where accuracy is required. With the universal CAD import of WorkLink Create and our new object tracking technology, there’s nothing stopping our customers from deploying advanced Digital Thread use cases without custom development labor.”

The user is guided to roughly align the object to the wireframe, then when the “lock” is established, the Digital Twin is superimposed over the real object with rich work instructions and metadata.

Northrop Grumman, a leading aerospace contractor, aims to leverage WorkLink to accelerate time to information, reduction in human error, and improve in accuracy in the context of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program. In their use case “minutes matter,” as there are substantial scaling effects by distributing instant expertise across the organization and stakeholder ecosystem. According to Michael Hinckley, Northrop’s Manufacturing Technology Manager, “Achieving reliable hologram-to-physical product alignment is an important hurdle for augmented reality on the production floor. Scope AR listened to our needs and delivered exceptional object tracking capabilities in WorkLink, and we feel confident it will help our technicians reach next-level training and job performance.”

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