WorkLink pairs unparalleled UX with the leader in proven enterprise productivity

February 2, 2024, San Francisco – Scope AR, the leader in end-to-end enterprise augmented reality (AR) solutions continues to innovate and collaborate with best-in-class hardware and software solutions providers, today launching WorkLink, its signature productivity solution, on Apple Vision Pro.

For years, Scope AR has redefined training and manufacturing experiences by making complex spatial instructions accessible to anyone, on the work floor, from a desktop, basically any place with a digital device, through its signature software platform, WorkLink. 

WorkLink, the leader in the aerospace and defense, aviation, medical device, and advanced manufacturing industries, is the first solution to combine work instructions and remote AR assistance into one enterprise-ready platform. Prominent enterprises like Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and Danaher have seamlessly integrated WorkLink[1]  to streamline processes and boost efficiency by as much as 95%.

Apple Vision Pro signals a wave of new productivity opportunities and WorkLink supports productivity in the enterprise, giving workers the information they need to do their best work by providing expert guidance at any moment, on any device, hands-free. 

“With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, we see an opportunity for enterprise-level productivity and learning acceleration for users everywhere,” says Scope AR Co-Founder and CEO Scott Montgomerie. “We knew we wanted to be ready for the launch of Apple Vision Pro. I’m excited to see the new use cases that will inspire customers.”

The feature sets that are available on WorkLink on Apple Vision Pro include spatial work instructions, which make use of the infinite canvas and allows for the quick dissemination of information and skills across an organization, ensuring that an expert’s knowledge is captured and codified, and the entire organization has the most up-to-date information and instructions the moment they are needed. With WorkLink’s cross-platform capabilities, spatial computing work instructions previously authored for other hardware platforms will be supported out of the box on visionOS, the operating system of Apple Vision Pro. 

As said in this review of Apple Vision Pro, we may finally see mass adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) thanks to spatial computing, and a transformational wave of functional new use cases. In the enterprise, that future is already here.

WorkLink for Apple Vision Pro provides enterprise-grade work instructions and training capability with the infinite canvas enabled by spatial computing.