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“In the next five years, we’re going to lose 330 years of experience in a single facility.” – Unilever

The skills gap is here and it’s growing

A new skills gap study by Deloitte predicts that 4.6 million new manufacturing jobs will be created in the U.S. between 2018 and 2028. Over half (2.4 million) of these new jobs are predicted to be unfilled.

Technology and retirement are a root cause

An aging workforce is retiring, taking years of expert knowledge with them. At the same time, the complexity of machines and manufacturing equipment demands a more adept, nimble labor force.

Capture, share and grow expertise. So advanced it’s easy.

Give workers the information they need to do their best work by providing expert guidance at any moment, and on any device. WorkLink is the first knowledge platform to combine augmented reality (AR) work instructions and remote AR assistance into one enterprise-ready platform.

Capture and scale expertise

Realize the immense value of tracking work progress, validating results and recording the solutions to process challenges across your organization.

Insights into issues and experts

Gain useful insights into persistent issues from your knowledge experts. Capture and share this data with other business systems.

Make everyone an instant expert

New workers learn by doing, side-by-side with an expert. Novice workers perform as well as experienced workers. Captured data helps everyone improve over time.

Improved results across the business

WorkLink creates value across the business: Nimble manufacturing, better training and retention, and faster, error-free repairs.

Job safety and satisfaction

Mistakes can be both frustrating and dangerous. There is zero misinterpretation when AR instructions are mapped in the real world.

Create customer loyalty

When products are delivered error free and repairs are kept to a minimum, customer satisfaction and loyalty is assured.


The Worklink Platform features

Scope AR solutions allow organizations to scale expertise, and manage their knowledge simply by showing those doing the work, how to do it correctly every time.

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Enterprise AR: Remote Work Instructions

Collaboration and Support

  • Collaborate without being on site
  • Solve problems in real time with employees in remote locations
  • Call on company experts anytime during remote assistance work
  • For tougher problems, immediately bring on live support to your work instructions
  • Capture important analytics and insights from session recordings and data on work instructions usage—enabling continuous improvement on processes
  • Pull in work instructions needed for a repair from applications you are already using
  • Enable permission control on content in the Content Management System

Scale Your Knowledge Base

  • Train the trainer: Identify training issues and needed updates via recordings
  • Use SSO and LDAP to login to directory
  • Place calls point-to-point and record metadata: gps coordinates, annotations, users, audio, and video for security, reportability, and audit trail
  • Easily port new findings into the authoring app: WorkLink Create
  • Easily capture and share knowledge without any coding
  • Add a level of safety and accuracy to on-the-job training
  • Record sessions for performance review and enhancement
Enterprise AR: Work Instructions Authoring

The ROI is there for AR



Time reduction to interpret work instructions



Reduction in factory downtime



Reduction in errors



Time savings

We set out to make authoring 3D AR content as fast and as easy as PowerPoint.