Webinar: Productivity Reimagined – How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Shop Floor

Recorded on March 15, 2024

This webinar offers a comprehensive look into how AR technology is reshaping the way we envision productivity, efficiency, and innovation on the shop floor and beyond.


Shelley Peterson, former Director of Technology, Microsoft, Chief Engineer and Fellow, AR/MR, Lockheed Martin

Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR

Jack Eliker, Visualization Lead at Rolls-Royce

Dinesh Khaladkar, President of eQ Technologic

These thought leaders share their experiences with AR in enhancing complex assemblies, manufacturing processes, and beyond. See how AR, combined with IoT and AI, is enhancing productivity and transforming industry operations.

Dive into the future of AR in industry with us – where vision meets practical application.

Webinar: How Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Revolutionized Machine Service

Recorded on March 30, 2023

Gain valuable insights into how augmented reality can be utilized to provide support, service, and troubleshoot industrial machinery. Our co-founder, David Nedohin, Chief Customer Officer, is hosting a webinar that covers the customer journey to identifying and resolving key use cases. Furthermore, Stephen Laslo, Digital Technology and Training Supervisor from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, will discuss their WorkLink solution used for step-by-step maintenance and repair processes for the EVOL equipment line. This ultimately improved technician efficiency, minimized downtime, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Viewers of this webinar will understand:

– How augmented reality is modernizing the equipment service industry.

– The deployment of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ augmented reality solution for the EVOL equipment line and the resulting benefits.

– The ways in which augmented reality work instructions are provided as an add-on package for machinery sales, enhancing customer experience and quality.

Additionally, viewers will gain insight into the challenges and opportunities Mitsubishi Heavy Industries encountered while implementing the augmented reality solution and how they ultimately overcame these to achieve success. This webinar is ideal for anyone wishing to explore how augmented reality can enhance equipment service operations and customer satisfaction. Learn from Stephen Laslo and see how Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is pioneering the industrial technology landscape.

Webinar: MedTech: Augmented – a Scope AR customer panel discussion

Recorded on February 2, 2023

Watch this exclusive fireside chat with prominent leaders in the Medical Device and Technology community to discuss their views on how AR is shifting the paradigm.


Judi Haberkorn Senior Director Service Operations IDT Jeff DiDomenico Senior Technical Product Manager, XR Johnson & Johnson William C.B. Harding, PhD Distinguished Technical Fellow, Advanced Technologies & Data Science, Innovation & Insights Medtronic

Report: VR, AR technology poised for growth

Report: VR, AR technology poised for growth

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Hypergrid Business: David Kariuki – April 7, 2020

AR Technology and VR Overcomes Challenges and Accelerates Adoption

Is the time right for augmented reality technology to become widely adopted by enterprises? The answer may be “yes” based on recent research.

David Kariuki, writing for Hypergrid, summarizes a report released by Perkins Coie as well as XR Association and Boost VC, which reveals that over 66% of companies plan to buy more augmented reality technology and VR in 2020 than in the previous year — with AR being much more widely prized than VR. This point was echoed by David Nedoin, ScopeAR’s Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder, who elaborated that major enterprises are now taking the leap to truly incorporate augmented reality technology throughout their organizations and achieve real Return-on-Investment from its use. To that end, ScopeAR has unveiled a program, called “Quick Start,” that enables companies to use ScopeAR technology to solve business challenges during the current COVID-19 situation. In addition, ScopeAR is making its WorkLInk platform available, free of charge, to teams that are manufacturing ventilators.

The reality is, as a result of the pandemic, society is seeing heavier usage of virtual tools of all sorts and that includes augmented reality platforms. Enterprises can use solutions such as these to help train and develop their remote employees, and do it by spending far less money than if they performed these functions in-person. One could even speculate that, ironically, the pandemic itself has forced companies to realize the sheer ROI they can achieve through augmented reality technology, virtual conferences, and other online collaboration tools. Without the pandemic, it would have been a much slower, steeper adoption curve.

Augmented Reality Technology Poised for Growth

Part of the reason for this is that it’s simply not enough to use a video conferencing setup. Users also want the ability to interact in an environment that they both share, which is a much more interesting experience than just a Zoom call with a custom background. This is why you see industries such as medical professions adopting augmented reality technology in addition to the usual suspects in gaming and video. To some extent, VR lags behind AR — because the technology isn’t quite there yet. More sophisticated computer technology is required to make the user experience more smooth in regards to VR, so experts suggest that true VR adoption may be as long as three years out.

But AR? With the kind of augmented reality technology provided by solutions such as ScopeAR, and with the current state of the world and the need for virtual technology and collaboration tools, AR is taking off in a way that few experts would have predicted.

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