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A How-to on CAD-less AR

One of the questions we get a lot is “How do we make AR instructions if we don’t have 3D models?”< It’s a valid question. The WorkLink platform was built primarily around the concept that organizations would be leveraging their own products’ CAD models to create augmented reality training and instruction materials. Many of our clients are using it in exactly that way, and having no difficulty in achieving that workflow. If you’re in that category then congratulations! yo

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#AR in 2018: The Top 3 Trends Driving the Industry

By David Nedohin In 2017, we saw a turning point for augmented reality (AR). Gone are the days where AR was simply a buzzworthy topic following on the heels of virtual reality (VR). In fact, IDC forecast AR and VR revenues will likely total $9.1 billion this year. Additionally, the firm expects AR/VR sales to increase nearly 95 percent in 2018 to reach $17.8 billion.  The majority of that spending is expected to be done by businesses. According to an IDC press release, "The commercial se

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Augmented Reality’s Role in Designing and Constructing Commercial Buildings - TechTrends' Construction Executive

This week in TechTrends' Construction Executive, Scope AR President David Nedohin explains how AR will impact the design and construction of commercial buildings.   Some highlights: "The construction industry has quickly become one of the breakout success stories for applications in augmented reality (AR). The construction space is ripe with opportunity to take advantage and be a leader in the adoption of AR." "During the construction process, every attempt is made to improve

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