AWE 2015 Guest Blog Post

May 26, 2015

AWE 2015 Guest Blog Post

Harnessing knowledge and expertise through Augmented Reality

By Augmented World Expo


Our experiences equip us with the knowledge to continually improve our skills over time. In our personal lives, these become memories that we pass on to our loved ones. In our professional lives, this knowledge base becomes an invaluable asset to our employers—especially when it comes to training new recruits. But what if time wasn’t a necessary factor in gaining this expertise? What if a new employee could see through the eyes of someone with years of experience to help them do their job?


Augmented reality solutions are making this happen.


Advancements and improved availability of smart glass technology with onboard cameras are providing employees in various industries with hands-free access to information; therefore, allowing them to better their performance on the job. Because these technologies have access to an employee’s sight, they also lend themselves to applying augmented reality solutions, which create a blended view of digital and physical content. These solutions can be used for training, education, or on the job guided instruction.


Scope AR is leading the market in using augmented reality glasses and software to provide incredible real-time 3D overlay training solutions. Using Scope AR’s solutions, employees are able to see complex procedures animated directly on equipment they are using to help them perform their job. Scope AR demonstrates how effective augmented reality can be in passing on knowledge of veteran employees with a variety of projects, including: a gate valve control instruction, an unmanned drone fuel line assessment, and a water pump maintenance demonstration. The water pump demo not only shows how AR instruction can be used to help someone perform a task safely, but also illustrates how guided instruction can be used to help complete tasks in the most efficient way possible—turning novices into functional experts.


Youtube Video:  Scope AR User Guided Training System


Looking at how augmented reality is changing education and training is the focus of a talk David Nedohin, President of Scope AR will be giving at Augmented World Expo (AWE) on June 8-10, 2015. AWE 2015 is focused on turning ordinary experiences into the extraordinary and empowering people to be better at anything they do in work and life. For complete event details and tickets, visit


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This post was written by Augmented World Expo (AWE). AWE 2015 takes place June 8-10 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. The largest of its kind, AWE brings together over 3,000+ professionals and 200 participating companies to showcase augmented and virtual reality, wearable technology and the Internet of Things. Purchase your ticket today! 

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