As the battle against COVID-19 intensifies, health systems and governments around the world are urging manufacturers to help in the production of vital medical equipment and supplies.  Companies in the aerospace, automotive and life sciences industries are being called into action to help with the manufacturing of ventilators. These companies must now shift gears and train their workforce to produce an entirely new piece of equipment.  This is not an easy undertaking and requires enormous coordination across design, engineering and manufacturing processes as well as significant workforce training.  

Companies focused on ventilator production can take advantage of augmented reality work instructions.  Integrating AR into their workforce can ensure that they have the knowledge at their fingertips to complete the manufacturing correctly without relying on traditional “training” methods.  Workers can simply “see” the augmented 3D content positioned on their work table, and assemble the ventilators step-be-step, following what they see. All the worker would need to view these instructions is a smartphone or tablet.

To help with this global effort, Scope AR is offering immediate access to our WorkLink solution at no cost for the purpose of creating these ventilator instructions.  And in the cases where companies undertaking this effort have limited internal resources, we are also  providing access to our Creative Services team for direct support, consultation and where possible, complete start to finish project creation.

We are all in this together and Scope AR hopes that we can make a difference by offering our solutions to companies with a new focus on producing these life saving ventilators.  If you are an organization tasked with this ventilator production effort or have further questions, please email us at: