Lockheed Martin | Scope AR Summit at AWE 2023

Welcome to the Lockheed Martin | Scope AR Summit at AWE 2023 landing page. We are excited to host a Scope AR Summit for all things Lockheed Martin. 

This summit will highlight how we can help tackle some of the most challenging times in the defense and aerospace manufacturing industries over the next few years. As many organizations see increasing demand, workforce availability is already an issue, and as new manufacturing jobs are created, we will need more people to fill them. Making your existing workforce skilled and capable across operations, tasks, and product lines will become a critical capability for every industry-leading manufacturer.  

Augmented reality has been proven to solve this problem. With the capability to make anyone an instant expert, workers can more easily switch tasks, ramp faster, and create a more agile workforce across operations. At this event, you learn how other sectors and teams at Lockheed Martin are deploying and evaluating AR solutions. Additionally, you will be able to collaborate with some of our closest partners such as Click Bond, Holo-Light, Siemens and Red Hat.

Tentative Agenda:

Tuesday, 5/30:

6pm-9pm Networking & Game Night Event (Location TBD)

Wednesday, 5/31:

8am – 9am: Breakfast

9 am – 12 pm: Use Case Presentations (Lockheed Martin & Scope AR)

12pm – 1pm: Lunch

1pm – 4pm: Presentations (Partners & Scope AR)

6pm – 9pm: Scope AR Customer Party (Location TBD)