In an article published on October 4th 2014, Engadget Magazine’s Sean Buckley writes:

“…Most of these [other AR] apps seemed like good ideas, but none of them applied to my life — at least until I booted up Scope AR. Technically, Scope AR didn’t fit my life either: It’s designed to be an augmented reality training solution that teaches the user how to repair an engine, install a carburetor or some other feat that requires specific knowledge. The version of the app Epson gave me, however, was only good for one thing: building Lego helicopters. Truly, this is the future of assembling plastic whirlybirds intended for 5-12 year-old children. Wearing the glasses, I was able to see a digital 3D recreation of my project at the exact step in construction I was attempting to complete. Animated blocks automatically fell into position with each step, wordlessly showing me exactly what I needed to do.

“Okay, maybe it’s a unnecessarily complicated method for delivering Lego assembly instructions, but it made the task ridiculously easy and more fun to boot.”

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Not quite Google Glass: a week with Epson’s awkward smart glasses