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Kyt Dotson from SiliconANGLE released an article this week on how Remote AR now supports ARCore. Here are some highlights:

Enterprise-class augmented reality company Scope AR today announced the integration of Google Inc.’s ARCore into its remote support video calling application Remote AR. This integration of ARCore extends Remote AR capabilities on newer Android devices and follows the integration of Apple Inc.’s ARKit for greater iOS device support.

Scope AR worked hand-in-hand with Google to build Remote AR app so that it will be compatible with all ARCore-enabled devices, which includes over 100 million Android smartphones.

The Remote AR app allows a remote helper to assist someone else in the field who has a mobile device with a camera and a screen. Normally this will be a smartphone the user probably already has. The onsite technician can point the device at what needs to be discussed and the app allows the support expert to draw on the screen while speaking in order to provide animations and graphics that will appear to be attached to objects in the world.

This is an empowering effect of augmented reality for connecting support and field workers. Someone in the field essentially can give a “window” into a remote workspace, the remote car garage, that gives the support expert a much better idea of what is being looked at and also allows more accurate communication.

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