Lucas Matney from TechCrunch released an article this month on Scope AR’s WorkLink platform for Hololens, here are some highlights:

It’s important to remember that the augmented reality headset’s ambitions lie in building a new standard for spatial computing with enterprise customers.

Today, Alberta-based Scope AR announced that it will be launching a version of its WorkLink augmented reality content authoring platform on the HoloLens, giving customers the ability to help remote workers learn to repair or assemble complex machinery.

The company’s WorkLink product will be able to utilize the HoloLens’ outward facing depth sensors to map a rough mesh of objects and attach AR step-by-step instructions to the real-world objects with “the same ease as creating a PowerPoint presentation,” according to the company. This will allow non-technical employees a chance to easily build content and push it out to supported platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

For the full article, see link: Scope AR brings its enterprise augmented reality authoring platform to HoloLens