Ian Hamilton from Upload VR released an article today on how Remote AR supports ARKit. Here are some highlights:

“Scope AR’s technology is built around augmented reality-based instructions that overlay helpful information, like assembly steps, on a view of the real world, with the goal of helping companies save time and money by letting people learn on the job or be guided quickly and efficiently by off-site experts.”

“We’ve seen demonstrations of Scope AR’s software in an AR headset like HoloLens before, but the tech’s arrival on Apple’s devices opens up hundreds of millions of devices to the technology, potentially multiplying the usage scenarios for Scope AR’s technology.”

“With our technology, any company can use an existing iPhone or iPad to implement AR within their workforces today, allowing workers to complete tasks faster and more accurately, while also producing significant cost and time-savings,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR, in a prepared statement.

For the full article: https://uploadvr.com/remote-ar-scope-arkit/