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UploadVR: Scope AR Merges Its AR Collaboration And Instructional Apps

Scope News
POSTED June 4th, 2018

This week in UploadVR, Jamie Feltham published an article about the merging of Scope AR’s two products, Remote AR and WorkLink. Here are some highlights from the article:

Among many other possibilities, two of AR’s most promising use-cases are real-time collaboration and instructional experiences. San Francisco-based Scope AR has been working on both of these solutions for some time but, to take its work a step further, it’s now combining the two.

By combining the two into one platform, Scope AR hopes to provide a more versatile experience for users. Experts will be able to ‘drop-in’ to the pre-built instructions to provide further assistance or assess a task completed using WorkLink instructions. Having a call with an expert just a few button presses away incase you have questions about setup could be incredibly useful

Read the full article here: https://uploadvr.com/scope-ar-merges-ar-collaboration-instructional-apps/

​​Media Contact:
Brittany Edwards
Carve Communications for Scope AR
Email: scopear@carvecom.com
Phone: 210-382-2165