Venture Beat

Venture Beat released an article this week on how Remote AR now supports ARCore, with contributions from Scope AR’s Scott Montgomerie. Here are some highlights:

Know your security needs

Today’s AR solutions are sophisticated enough to meet existing security protocols, it’s a matter of finding an AR partner that values your security needs as much as you do in order to navigate emerging needs together.

This is a whole new industry; there are no workplace standards or certifications for AR yet. It’s up to chief information officers to make sure the technology they’re implementing has the proper vetting. Many Fortune 500 companies are already blazing this trail with the support of AR technology providers who have also made security a priority.

Be device-agnostic

The important thing to remember is that today’s entry-level AR solutions won’t necessarily be what your business needs tomorrow. There will come a day when the cost of AR-specific hardware comes into a range where the benefits of upgrading outweigh the cost.

To future-proof your AR integration, be sure to choose a development partner who can create content for you that someone can adapt to any platform — both the preferred ones of today as well as those of the future.

Keep it simple, scalable

No single member of your team is going to be an expert on everything. By utilizing tools that allow anyone to be a creator, you’ll be able to refine, implement, and deploy best practices as processes change and new elements are introduced. If a single change in your process requires an invoice and a timeline to your AR partner, it’s time to think about switching to a content-first strategy.

Understand workforce perception

There is a growing concern among today’s workforce that new technologies are going to lead to unfathomable job loss. “If AR can lead to a 30 percent improvement in job efficiency,” they may ask, “will it lead to a 30 percent reduction in staff?”

For the adoption of AR to be successful, it’s imperative that you breach the workplace culture barrier to communicate the value that AR brings to the business and the team. Efficiency doesn’t inherently mean fewer workers; it can also mean fewer mistakes. Everybody benefits from a better and safer job.

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