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AR in Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industries demand extreme precision and accuracy by highly trained technicians. This is the case because the safety of the crew, passengers and our nation depend on complex manufacturing processes. Scope AR delivers faster training, time to information, reduction in human error, and vast improvement in process accuracy. This is enabled by distributing instant expertise and real-time verification, and the result in time and cost savings can exceed 90%.

Welcome to the (Augmented) Space Race.

Manufacturing Processes

WorkLink can help shorten OODA loops, ensure precision, accuracy, consistency and quality control by giving technicians instant contextual access to information and instructions.

This is the power of Digital Twin, applied to advanced manufacturing. It enables real-time updates of design features, assembly processes, and specifications instantly, and to every stakeholder that touches the product.

Training and Safety

WorkLink enables seamless knowledge transfer by giving workers immediate access to instructions. This enables work completion without second guesses, without stopping to refer to manuals or drawings, and without versioning uncertainty.

This helps dramatically reduce or el