Translated from Japanese on the NTT DATA press site here

NTT DATA announced on May 28 that it will start providing AR (Augmented Reality) work support services utilizing “WorkLink” of Scope AR of the United States from May 28.

WorkLink is a platform that allows you to use work support using 3D manuals realized by AR and work support by experts from a remote location at the same time.

NTT DATA will realize the unification of progress management of on-site work by automating the creation of 3D manuals for WorkLink using the original document reading AI solution “LITRON”, including the sale of WorkLink, and by linking with systems such as ServiceNow. That is.

As AR services, we will provide 3D manual creation support service and integration service.

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NTT DATA aims to provide a work support platform that can provide a work environment equivalent to the situation in which experts are present when conducting on-site work and pre-work training for workers, and to reduce the amount associated with the introduction. We have been discussing with Scope AR, which has a lot of achievements in introduction by major heavy industry manufacturers in the United States, and developing collaborative functions.

In the 3D manual creation support service, 3D manuals for WorkLink are created based on the product manuals and maintenance procedure manuals owned by customers. NTT DATA will support the improvement of the quality of 3D manuals, such as importing into 3D manuals by scanning the work target equipment and additional implementation of work procedures by 3D animation that cannot be expressed by existing manuals.

“WorkLink” service features

In addition, by linking with the document reading AI solution LITRON and RPA tools provided by NTT DATA, text data and knowledge are automatically extracted from the manual, reducing the work time for creating a large amount of 3D manuals.

The integration service links WorkLink with other systems. For example, when linked with ServiceNow, which is a management platform for various information and operations that occur in IT system operation and field work, the appropriate 3D manual in WorkLink can be called according to the assigned field work task. Data such as the workers recorded in WorkLink and the time required for the work can be accumulated in ServiceNow and analyzed.

Use cases include manufacturing processes and maintenance work in the manufacturing industry, 3D conversion of in-house product manuals in the manufacturing industry, maintenance and inspection work in the utility industry such as electricity, gas, and water, and on-site work in the distribution industry. ..

NTT DATA will sell this service to various fields that require on-site work, such as manufacturing, utility, and distribution, and aims to sell more than 100 companies by the end of 2024.